We service all bike brands

Looking for a bike shop that does servicing in Guildford? Look no further - Giant Store Guildford offers bike servicing in Guildford - covering all makes and models in a modern, well equipped workshop with expert mechanics.

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Our services are booked by appointment. Please call/email for availability.

On the day of your appointment, your bike is assessed, and we will contact you with a quote before carrying out any work.


Gold Service

  • As per Bronze & Silver, PLUS;
  • Headset, bottom bracket & hub bearings re-greased
  • Seat-post removed, cleaned and re-installed with grease/carbon-assembly paste
  • Brakes bled

Silver Service

  • As per Bronze, PLUS;
  • Removing, cleaning & lubricating transmission
  • Truing and tensioning wheels
  • Headset, bottom bracket and hubs checked and adjusted
  • Bike cleaned

Bronze Service

  • Safety check (not including replacement part costs)
  • Gear indexing
  • Brake adjustment
  • All bolts checked & torqued
  • Tyres inflated to manufacturers recommended PSI

STANDALONE LABOUR COSTS (parts not included)

Tube/tyre replacement

£10 per wheel

Gear Service


Drivetrain degrease


Brake Service


Brake Bleed

£20 per brake

Tubeless Conversions

£20 per wheel

Wheel True

From £15 per wheel

Headset/bottom bracket service


Hub Service

£20 per hub

Frame linkage bearing replacement


Mudguard Set Fitting


E bike diagnostics

(Giant, Liv & Momentum only) includes battery capacity test, firmware update & fault check